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The Xilaton is conveniently located in an upscale neighborhood with ample parking. The restaurant employs 3 Chinese chefs and is a favorite of the residents of Chinese origin in Sri Lanka. The Xilaton has oodles of space and can accommodate 280 people. It has 5 separate rooms upstairs for private dining. Whilst they have a well-stocked bar, patrons can bring in their own hard liquor at no extra cost. They also have a good collection of wines costing about USD 15 and above. 

All of their main dishes come either large or small. Their portions are very big and 2 small main dishes accompanied by some plain rice will be ample for two people. Some of the local favorites are hot butter cuttle fish, hot garlic prawns, crispy roast chicken and fried roast pork, whilst the Chinese patrons go for pork knuckles, Sri Lankan crab and Groupa fish. 

Xilaton is one of the few restaurants that serve Peking duck, a large portion of which will put you back about USD 55!! The menu features a very wide selection of hot and cold starters, clear and thick soups, virtually all kinds of meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, and various different rice and noodle preparations.

With enough notice, usually one week, they will do exotic preparations such as barbeque piglet, braised dried abalone and Emperor’s wok style chicken. They have recently started out door catering with special menus for a minimum of 35 pax. 

The food is generally delicious and the service very friendly, attentive and quick. The interior decor is rather plain and the lighting too bright for our liking. Xilaton is the place to go for anyone looking for authentic Chinese cooking in Wonderful Sri Lanka. 
Review by Lanka Restaurant.com

Opened in early May 2006. These premises have long had a restaurant on it, and Jade Gardens and Frangipani Koluu`s were justly popular and well patronised ventures. This latest has a large garish sign with Chinese figures in bright red on it, and was previously called Sheraton after one of the most famous hotel chains in the world, before being renamed in November 2007. It was then featured in Daily Mirror Life. It is managed by the same company that runs the equally popular Peach Valley Restaurant. There are 271 items on their well thought out, wide ranging menu. The food surpasses even its sister Peach Valley, and is consistent. The prices are a little high, but offers quality for it. They nearly always provide a dish with its own gas mini-burner to keep it warm or sizzling. The sizzlers crackle and pop more than most others. There are private rooms upstairs, if you want a more exclusive setting, and the larger room with a bar-counter, to the right, has the most pleasing décor of all, for dining in public. Throughout there are pale coloured walls, and relaxing, diffuse lighting with spotless cleanliness. The Four Seasons starter is really good. The beef, pork and seafood is of high quality, and the ubiquitous Batter Fried Cuttlefish is the tastiest and spiciest in town. They now have sufficient staff to deal with the large number of clients throughout the week for lunch and dinner, and the huge crowds on weekends. Reservations urged, and Strongly Recommended.